Listen to Manwomanchild's New Single: "The Telepath Returns"

While my influences are mostly in the 70s post-punk and to some extent glam-rock vein, I’ve been on a psychedelic kick lately. I guess this song is partly the product of that. The angular chord changes on some of those late 60s psych records really appeal to me, and you can hear elements of Syd Barrett / early Pink… »1/06/15 11:34am1/06/15 11:34am


The Process: Song Sketches

Anyone who has ever made a habit of writing music knows that song ideas almost never occur to you when you're looking for them. My solution to this has been to carry a recording device with me at all times. Whenever I have an idea, I slip off somewhere quiet and sing it into the recorder. »6/18/13 12:12pm6/18/13 12:12pm